Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Much love

Much love 

far away behind stars begin
mellow nature bloom bound’s us all 

there is a flower with 4 heart petals 
trying to keep the love till the next fall 

there are two hearts keeping 4 green flowers 
trying to bloom all of love 
autumn, winter, spring and summer

there are hearts, eyes and lips
colouring the passion and desires
any season that brings you to me

shiny like a bright sky rainbow
transcendentally to deep universe 
again and again: our souls opener 

Playing poem is special
Thinking on you, selecting a verse
Love is a dream with eye-opener 

~ mimi & raini

 clover (4 leaves) by mimi
são pedro de joselândia - pantanal, mt, brasil


ewm said...

*much love - to mimi*

Eliana f.v. - Li Andorinha - said...

Deliciosamente Bela Mi amada!
Parabéns Poetas!

beijinhos com carinho e admiração
da Li tua fã